ADM Team Challenge

Sign up for the ADM Team Challenge HERE:

ADM Team Challenge Form and Info for IHF 2017.pdf

How would your club or organization like the chance to WIN $500 for your group?  Join the ADM Team Challenge!  For a $50 entry fee, your team of up to 10 members will participate in 5 different "challenges."  Follow your scores on the ADM Leaderboard throughout the weekend!  The final winning group will be presented with $500 for their club on Sunday.  

The ADM Team Challenge Games involve five (5) tests of speed, skill, creativity and knowledge, including: 

1. ADM Musical Bucket Challenge (1 horse/1 rider) 

2. ADM Literature Race (1 horse/1 rider) 

3. ADM Tack Challenge (1 horse/1 rider/1 handler) 

4. Costume Class (1 horse/1 or more rider/handlers)

5. ADM Equine Trivia Test (4 people, 3-4 rounds of trivia questions, live call)

Tentative Schedule of Events:

Friday, 5:00 PM  - Riding Challenge "Musical ADM Buckets" in ADM Livestock Center Arena

Friday, 6:00 PM  - Riding Challenge 2 "ADM Literature Race" in ADM Livestock Center Arena

Saturday, 9:30 AM ADM Team Trivia in the Livestock Center Lecture Hall

Saturday, 2:15 PM Riding Challenge #3 - Tack Race in ADM Livestock Center Arena

Saturday, 4:00 PM Costume Challenge, Theme "Horses and Heroes"  in ADM Livestock Center Arena

Saturday - 5:45 ADM Team Challenge Awards in ADM Livestock Center Arena

See official rules and sign up for details.  NO CANTERING.  Riding will be WALK/TROT or gaited "trot" only.

All Riders must wear helmets and all horses must have a stall

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