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Legislative Update - Preserving Illinois’ Equine Heritage  by Elaine Ramesh - Chair, Legislative Committee

Here is the 2016 information on what HCI is doing for you to help preserve your rights to ride and to keep horses.  We’ve got several great initiatives going, and have made good progress already this year. Click here to read the article.


HCI members are represented by a committee of board members.  The committee meets once a month via teleconference.  We communicate with our representatives, draft new legislation, and work to get pending legislation approved.  

 Elaine Ramesh, Chair   Barrington Hills 
 Sheree King   Makanda
 David Nobbe   Carpentersville 
 Paula Briney   Chatham
 Kelly Staley  Collinsville
 Lauren Malmberg  Elmwood

HCI Member Participation

How can you help?   Contact the HCI office if you'd like to join the committee.   We are hard at work introducing and advocating for bills helpful to horse owners statewide, irrespective of their riding disciplines, so watch this space for details.   We've also opened up a Forum on this website so that you can tell us what new state legislation HCI should sponsor, or what existing state legislation HCI should support.  Just click the Membership Tab, then the Members Only sub-tab to find the Open Discussion Forum.  We're waiting to hear from you!

* 3/3/17:  
Chair Ramesh to present legislative update at Illinois Horse Fair

* 3/5/17:  Day of the Horse in Illinois via Governor's Proclamation

*  3/30/17:  
HCI to participate in Illinois Ag Legislative Day Springfield, Illinois

*   Monthly:
committee meetings

Pending Illinois Legislation

 Bill #  Link to Text & Status  What will the legislation do?  Why is it important to horsemen?
 SB 1529

HCI initiated
Farm Nuisance- Horses & Livestock

2/22 - referred to Judiciary Committee
 clarifies that horsekeeping is included in the types of uses of land protected by the Farm Nuisance Suit Act helps prevent lawsuits based on nuisance
 SJR 0012

HCI initiated
 Recreational Bridle Trail Task Force

3/2- Recommendation to adopt from Environment & Conservation Committee

calls for creation of a task force to prepare a report studying feasibility of adding bridle trail access on public lands

 helps take steps to having more public horse trails

HCI initiated
 Illinois Day of the Horse

designate 3/5 a perennial Illinois Day of the Horse and recognizes and honors horses in our state

helps secure continued favorable view of equine industry & horsekeeping
 SB 0054

HCI initiated
Highway Code Recreational Trail Funds

1/11 - Referred to Assignments Committee

 states that Federal grant money for recreational trails would be kept separate from the general road fund

 two horse trail projects in the state were granted federal funds, but the money is currently being held up by the budget stalemate.   this bill should fix the problem

 SB 0052

HCI initiated
HCI Decal for Specialty License Plates

3/1 - Recommendation to adopt from Transportation Committee
allows HCI to sell a decal to attach to the new Illinois universal (specialty) license plates  equestrians can show their support for HCI, and a portion of the revenues for the decals will go to HCI 

 HB 3455

HCI coordinated

 Adopt A Trail

3/14 - Recommendation to adopt from Ag & Conservation Committee
 allows horsemen to build, maintain and repair our horse trails on state owned property makes it possible for us to legally volunteer as trail stewards, preventing trail closures and cessation of trail building in the face of budgetary constraints

Federal Legislation

 Bill #  Link to Text & Status  What will the legislation do?  Why is it important to horsemen?
H.R. 845/S. 1110  National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act  allows volunteers to partner with government to maintain and improve trails on Federal lands
UPDATE:  the bill became law (114-245) on 11/28/16
allows us to volunteer to maintain trails to avoid closure for lack of funding, or create new trails

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